Raiders of the Lost Ark vs Soderbegh

2014-10-16 cinema, remix, pop, directors

Watch the movie where this was originally posted by Steven Soderbergh Below I copy the text that was posted together with the video I’m assuming the phrase “staging” came out of the theatre world, but it’s equally at home (and useful) in the movie world, since the term

Diary: Boyhood and Proust

2014-08-20 cinema, diary, literature, time

Boyhood 2014 - Richard Linklater Configuring as what I'm considering one of the best movies of 2014 and a very interesting experience to cinema as a whole, Richard Linklater movie is cinema at it's core: time. Capturing the characters for 12 years is not just a gimmick to market the

Pirate Mondays: The Crimson Rivers

2014-08-18 stream, pirate mondays, movie of the week

The Crimson Rivers 2000 - Mathieu Kassovitz Founded this hidden gem today! A masterpiece french neo-noir movie, for those who like academia conspirations, with Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel.

The Last of Us: breaking the frontiers of cinema

2014-08-14 video games, new media, storytelling

My last videogame console was a gamecube back in 2005, since then I have been watching closely the main launches and whishing some day I could get a Playstation 3 to play games such as the developed from Quantic Dreams like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Last year Naughty

Zidane’s Damn Weird Ears: Sound Weirs in Cinema

2014-08-13 documentary, masters, sound, sound design, cinema theory

In the year of 2008 I first read about the documentary Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait and immediately became interested. What called my attention was the idea of how a portrait can be relevant today and, although the directors Douglas Gordon and Phillipe Parreno don’t answer the question there

Kentucky Route Zero

2014-07-03 video games

Adventure games have always been for me the best genre (alhouth I despise this awful need of always putting inside classifications) of video games. A brief description of what constitutes an adventure game is the strong influence of a narrative being more important than gameplay, in ways this is why

Diary: Forest of Bliss

2014-07-02 neo baroque, ethnography, sensoriality, diary

My master research took me to Robert Gardner as an example to how sensoriality can be used in ethnography as an alternate way of transmitting meaning. An excerpt from my thesis that I apply here to Gardner: The impact of such an immersive approach is analyzed by Walter Moser (2001

Diary: The Grand Budapest Hotel

2014-06-16 gag, wes anderson, diary

I personally like the style of Wes Anderson. Something that became even more evident for me in this film is how greatly influenced he is by the slapstick silent comedies. A lot of visual gags in the movie draw upon this silent movie comedy cinema as far to rythm, editing

Storyboard P. and the cinematic in dance

2014-05-27 cinema, dance, gesture

Sometimes you see cinema in very odd places, recently I discovered about Storyboard P, a street dancer from NYC that as his name says draws his influences strongly on cinema. Called by the New Yorker as the "the Basquiat of street dancing"the article cites his impressive features as a

Diary: The Double

2014-05-27 diary

Around 15 years old I fortunately came in contact with Orwell books and really cherished reading 1984 (although the I still like better his diary and Days in Bismarnia). Subsequently any movie that in some kind relates to distopic futures really interest me, from Brazil , Blade Runner, Metropia to even