Sometimes in my life I get quite lost thinking on what to do next. Appearently nowadays the need to focus on your career and to everything within your grasp to grow dwarfs the possibility of exploration in life.

Some of my favorite artists and writers had such a windy path in life that looking up to these people kind of make my life feel better. Two brief examples are Roberto Bolaño and George Orwell. I personally relate to these two because I worked in positions similar to those that they once worked.

Bolaño for instance was a night security guard in a camping close to Barcelona and Orwell in his letters described his work as the lowest ranking employee of a dirty restaurant in Paris.

Having worked in Dunkin Donuts, Subway and recently as a night receptionist in a hostel I like to think that maybe I have something in common with these two authors.

Researching for my thesis I found the biography of the antropologist and it really called my attention for the range of things he had done, from constructings boats, to being a gold miner and after a professor, writer and song recordist.

His CV would look like this:

Colin Turnbull


Home Address:
33 Union Street,
Bletchley Park,
B6 3AE.

Tel. (0161) 351 4039

Nationality: British


Magdalen College, Oxford Politics and Philosophy
1942 – 1946

Banaras Hindu University, India MA in Indian Religion and Philosophy
1946 – 1948

University of Oxford, Oxford PhD in Anthropology


1951 – Congo Studied the Mbuti pygmies.

1951 – Sam Spiegel Boat construction and transportation for the hollywood film African Queen

1953 – Yellowknife, Canada Gold Miner and geologist

1959 – American Museum of Natural History Curator in charge of African Ethnology

1960s – Virginia Staff in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

1961 – Virginia Writer of the book The Forest People

1961 – Lyrichord Discs Recordings for the cd Music of the Rainforest Pygmies

1972 – Virginia Writer of the book The The Mountain People

1980s – Peter Brook Theatrical adaptation of The Mountain People