Diary – A Hangover from Bromances

After being awake during 48 hours working and still having to come to my night shift I was looking for something really simple to keep me awake.

Searching through some online film stream sites I found the latest Hangover movie to watch and decided to catch up the series after being obligated to watch the 1st movie with my friends.

After watching Hangover II and Hangover III I can’t stop thinking about what I been studying at Nuria’s Bou classes on the Imaginary of Classical cinema and how in contemporary cinema to show the same emotions it becomes necessary to elaborate complicated schemes.

These bromances are an updated version of the men club movies from the golden age (think westerns or filmes like “Only Angels Have Wings”). The difference is that now it can’t be innocent, for a couple of friends to bond it becomes necessary a very intricate and manly reason that relates them to each other.

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