Another very late movie night, or early morning during work depending from the point of view. Recently discovered the website to stream the movies and found Frances Ha to watch.

DISCLAIMER: As with the series Girls my viewing of the movie sufferes from prejudice.


Recently I read a very interesting blog post about why our generation is unhappy and I think this film relates perfectly to this. Having many friends who live off their parents income while striving for someone to discover their artistic genius I find interesting this portrait from Noah Baumbach.

What bothered me the most is also what intrigued me the most– the rhytm and self irony. After talking to a couple of friends that heavily criticized the movie a tought of tracing relations between Frances Ha and the movie below đŸ™‚


Although not further developing the idea in this diary entry I lay here a little seed of discussion about what differentiates the creative ambiance and means of Frances Ha, to Noah Baumbach, to Woody Allen? Going even further renaiscance artists that dependend on mecenas? Just tought this would give an interesting research on analyzing the production means entitled From Mecenas to Parents.