Fiat Mio The First Crowdsourced Car

For the first time in history, a car manufacturer opened its creation process for outside participation. The project had a huge national and international repercussion and large public engagement, logging more than 10,000 ideas submitted and 17,000 participants from all over the world. Central to the whole project was a web series showcasing how the car was evolving, from brainstorming to the final product being revealed at the Automative Fair in São Paulo almost a year later.

The project was created by Isobar Brasil for Fiat and they enlisted the help of the production company Colmeia to bring the whole process to the public. The making-of was divided between me and Artur Louback (who directed episodes 1 to 5 and the final concluding episode 15).

The videos we made had over 700.000 views, leading as the main way of the public getting to know how their ideas were being put to practice.

Press Clippings

“The company has posted some fascinating making-of videos giving people an access-all areas pass to the car making process, including one that explores how they decided upon the shape of the car one that shows the enormous clay modelling machine at work — an huge robotic device with a five-axis mechanical arm that mills a huge slab of clay into a full size 3D representation of the vehicle. The video is in Portuguese, but you don’t have to speak the language to be able to appreciate the process.” Wired UK


“Criado brilhantemente pela Agência Click Isobar, é um dos meus projetos brasileiros preferidos de 2010. Pela criatividade, capacidade na execução e ousadia por parte da Fiat. Eu gostei muito do resultado e agora quero ver ao vivo. O mais legal é que eles disponibilizaram vídeos do making off da construção do carro.” Hypness


“In the two weeks starting Aug. 3, the site had 67,000 unique visitors who submitted 1,700 ideas, and more than 40,000 comments were posted on Twitter. So far, up to 20% of traffic to the Portuguese-language site is coming from outside Brazil.” Advertising Age

DirectorMatheus Siqueira (episodes 6-14) Artur Louback (episodes 1-5 & 15)EditorGraubiClientAgência Click Isobar & FiatColor GradingColmeiaProducerRoberta AllegretiProductioncolmeia.tvShot onCanon 5d Mark IIYear2010

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