Veiga / Gufo Records

Learning to deal with life’s losses

A widowed father and his young daughter face the difficulties of everyday life. How to find happiness and pleasure in the oppression of routine? “Estações” is the debut music video from VEIGA’s first album released by Gufo Records.


Client: Gufo Records
Artist: Veiga
Year: 2018
Director: Matheus Siqueira 
Concept: Matheus Siqueira, La Fede & Mathias Galeano
AD: Déborah Soares
Producer Pedro Caron
Sound Design: Playco Studio (VEIGA, Elias Assunção, ABEE, Guilherme Parosqui)

DP Gabriel Ferreira  
Assitant Producer: Bianca Kiss
Photography Assistant: Jonathas Witt
Art Director: Isadora Gabriela 
Set Painter: Felipe Carmo
Casting: Thalissa Fonseca & VEIGA
Editor & VFX: Matheus Siqueira
Color Correction: Felipe Szulc