Gabriel Iglesias / Sony Music

Lost in a devastated world…

In Jeremias, the protagonist is lost in a devastated world. He carries an important message but finds no one and feels that his mission has failed.

In this music video, the northern Catalonia is transformed into a dystopian and threatening world. Released on October 7, 2016, it was an instant success and quickly surpassed 300,000 views. Besides critical acclaim, it sparked a significant discussion among fans and received incredible interaction and feedback, with several fan arts created based on the ideas generated in the video. It even made it to the selection of top-trending videos on Vimeo.


Year: 2016
Client: Sony Music
Artist: Gabriel Iglesias
Director: Matheus Siqueira
Concept: Matheus Siqueira & Eloá Vasconcelos
Photography Director: Felipe Abreu
Editor: Matheus Siqueira

Art Director: Eloá Vasconcelos
Art Assistant: Augusto Henriques
VFX: Academia de Filmes
VFX Artists: Fábio Oliveira & Rogério Merlino
Color Correction: Company 3
Colorist: Parker Jarvie