Ride With Me

Podcast / Sound Design

Link to Full Project
Year: 2023 – Ongoing
Platform: Spotify / Apple Podcasts / Pocketcasts
Media: Binaural audio
Episodes: 11

Creator: Matheus Siqueira
Editor: Matheus Siqueira



Cycling Weekly – And relax: Meet the podcaster bringing ASMR vibes to cycling
… “Cycling lends itself to this experience, which is much like slow television or radio – last decade, the BBC tried out slow TV, showing a two-hour long canal boat trip in its entirety, aping Nordic television. In a very visual world, with the dopamine hits of social media, a step back to reflect is welcome.

Of course, one might wonder “why not simply go for a bike ride?”, but the podcast takes people to places they might not have been with their bike, to hear new worlds.”

Podnews – Ride With Me: A new cycling podcast for fans of ASMR
” “What is it that makes a bike ride so special?” Is it the views, the wind, the sounds, the physicality of it or everything together all at once? Matheus Siqueira created the podcast to focus on the sensory experience of cycling, rather than the image-heavy focus that is already so predominant everywhere.”